IBR Roofing Sheets

IBR Roofing Sheets

Available in Galvanised finish from 0.25mm up to 0.58mm, and in Chromadek finish from 0.3mm up to 0.58mm. The Chromadek sheeting is available in a range of different colours to suit any application.

IBR is an abbreviation for Inverted Box Rib, an angular trapezoidal fluted profile sheet with a bold appearance which makes it both attractive and practical.

  • IBR is designed to provide the most advantageous load/span characteristics consistent with economy.
  • IBR offers stiffening ribs in the sheet which help to remove oil canning from the broad flute.
  • IBR can be factory cranked, curved and bullnosed to a wide range of radii. For further details contact our Sales Department.

Lengths & Roof Pitch

When using IBR sheeting the recommended minimum pitch for roof slopes in excess of 15m is 7.5° and for slopes less than 15m is 5°. IBR sheeting can be ordered in any length, subject to transport limitations, up to 13,2m. Longer lengths require special transport arrangements.

Fixing Tips

  • Always take note of our “anti capillary kink” which is a feature designed to stop leaks during heavy weather through capillary action.
  • Make sure that the kinked side is always overlapped by the plain side